Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Massage Envy Spa Facials + A Lavender Bath Salt Giveaway

Massage Envy [who graciously offered to sponsor this post] has been changing the way we view massage over the last 11 years. Now, Utah is getting its introduction into how Massage Envy is changing the way we view facials as wellLast year Orem welcomed Utah's first Massage Envy Spa - The only spa of Utah's 15 locations. But,
A second spa is on the horizon.

The specific date and location are not yet known, but there are whispers at Fashion Plaza that a spa WILL open in Murray, UT. Like the Orem spa, it will offer Murad® Healthy Skin Facials as well as massage and Enhanced Therapies. 

Every time I get a facial I tell myself 'I need to get these more regularly.' Within a minute of lying in the chair in a darkened room...calming nature sounds and music quietly playing...it's already worth the hassle of finding a babysitter!

My face feels clean and my skin looks brighter...I leave feeling confident in my natural [no makeup] face.

How many of us know our skin? 

What does it need, in what order/how often does it need it, and how do we protect it? These together help us look and feel our natural best.

A professionally educated ME esthetician can get a close look of your skin. The best part is, whether you're hoping to
..balance sensitive skin
..deep cleanse
..fade pigmentation
..fight wrinkles and reverse signs of aging
..reduce blemishes
..restore hydration
..soothe inflammation, and more
your customized facial doesn't cost extra. THIS is what you can expect from your first facial session. Have in mind what you want most from your facial - do you want to relax? Do you want results?

If you're interested in the numbers, here are the links:
[originally the information was here, but who loves endless scrolling?]

I like that membership is optional. I don't often sign a contract with a term of more than 6 months. Beyond 6 months, I'm speculating about my future [my budget, how I'll feel about the service...] and betting against change.

Don't feel pressed to purchase a year membership immediately after your first facial. Give yourself time to study the Membership Agreement/Terms & Conditions without an audience...ask the receptionist for copies, and feel free to take them home. Review ME's website for additional Membership Terms and Conditions HERECrunch the numbers, and know the cancellation terms. Don't ignore any concern(s) you may have - discuss them with a front desk associate.

Each ME member should enjoy their membership,
and ME is worthy of happy members. 

ME is committed to a stress-free experience every time. If yours isn't, speak to a front desk associate. The employees are kind and genuinely interested in meeting your needs.

I love that I can get a massage at 8 p.m. Work + school can make for a long day for my husband. Later hours means he can go for a massage after work and school. I appreciate ME for striving to make customized, professional, and healing massage and facials affordable and convenient.

We're all under pressure regularly.
For your health and happiness, take time to decompress.

Don't neglect your emotional/mental/physical wellness and health. Replenish your "stores." Find "center" in your life. Live up to your potential by being, and offering your best self.
Thank you for visiting.
Bath Salt Giveaway

I wish I had a bottle for each of you, but I do have one 6 OZ bottle of Wyndmere Lavender Garden Bath Salt, gifted to us by Massage Envy Utah. European Spa Sea Salts scented with high quality pure essential oils, I'd love to send this to one lucky reader. To enter, Post a Comment [below] including

◊ your #1 way to relax
◊ 1-3 things your perfect day of relaxation would include.

One lucky reader will be randomly selected and announced 
on our Facebook page HERE, Memorial Day.
[Monday, May 27th]

If you've had a great ME Spa facial, 
give a shout out here to your esthetician.
What did you love about your facial?


  1. #1 way to relax: a good book and cozy blanket (with no interruptions!)

    My perfect day of relaxation would include:
    time for a nap, just my hubby and me, gorgeous scenery

  2. My favorite way to relax is curled up in my bed reading a good book. All I would need is comfy pajamas, a great book and the occasional chocolate!

    1. So far our comments have "a good book" in common - do you have a good book to recommend? Thanks Summer!