Saturday, November 24, 2012

What is 84117?

84117 seemed like a good place to start as the zip code for the area I know best, but for the best prices on groceries I frequent every major supermarket in the area.

As a mom to a young family, there are many things to afford.  Affording our basic needs and comforts is one of the most important things to my husband and me:  a roof over our heads, warmth, and food.  Food is basic to our comfort, health, and happiness; and yet, it's unbelievable how much time, money, and SANITY grocery shopping absorbs.

If you feel confused, frustrated, or paralyzed by the number of ads, "deals," and coupons, FEEL EMPOWERED.  Right here, find links to all of the ads and in less time know where to go for the best ad price.  Of course, don't forget to Follow by Email below for access to future posts about how you can: 
}  eat, and feed your family for less money
}  "earn" money from home
}  grow your account balance in this economy
}  spend less time at the grocery store
}  preserve your sanity during the holidays 
}  stock your own 24-7 "market" and more 
I'm smiling right now...HERE WE GO!

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