Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Support your local grocery products

Buying local means buying products produced in Utah [source].  

I'm a Utahn.  I was raised here, and I chose to live here and raise my family here.  What does buying products made here mean for me, and for Utah?  

why would I buy a Utah productover another product? 

After noticing this logo on the Dan's Market website I wanted to learn more. 

The Utah's Own website offers a lot of great information.  In this post, we'll touch on a few key questions and a few of our favorite features on their site.

You'll find a list of points for your consideration HERE of which I chose 3, to start you thinking:  

"You sustain employment for your friends and neighbors."  
It can be a challenge to look outward to your community if you're concerned about paying the bills and providing for your family.  By supporting those we live among we help create, and we benefit from, a happier community.

"You contribute to a healthier local economy - you become a part of the solution to our economic challenges." 
In other words, we're helping our friends and neighbors pay the bills.       

"You preserve our Utah farm heritage, including heirloom products that have been preserved for generations.
And, you keep them in operation.  If Utah farms fail, we become more dependent on farms that are farther away for our food.  The number of factors that impact when [and IF] we get our food increases.

If you've ever ordered an Apple Beer with dinner, or purchased Malt-O-Meal Cereal and Meadow Gold milk or ice cream then you've purchased a Utah's Own product.  Find a list of their products by store HERE-you may be surprised at how many of these products you're already buying.

If you're curious to know if a company you're familiar with is one of Utah's Own, you can look for them HERE.  

If you've never had the experience of shopping a Farmers Market, HERE is a 

state-wide map from last year that also lists the address, day, season, and time of the Farmers Market nearest you.  If you've dreamed of owning your very own Farmers Market, THERE is also a page for you.

If you're interested in adding a few of Utah's Own products to your shopping list this week, we found that the following stores display the logo:

To be a member of the program you must meet the membership criteria outlined HERE.

If we've missed a Utah's Own store, please leave a Comment below.

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