Friday, February 1, 2013

Think It'll Be An Early Spring?

Groundhog Day
                      DATE NIGHT

"The big question on everybody's lips...on their chapped lips...
Do ya think Phil is gonna come out and see his shadow?"  
---"Groundhog Day" 

Happy Groundhog Day [tomorrow, February 2nd]!  

Tomorrow, groundhogs everywhere will emerge from their burrows.  According to ancient weather lore, if they see their shadow there will be 6 more weeks of winter.  If they don't, you can expect an early spring.

This holiday doesn't make one bit of sense to me.  

I think we would all welcome a clear, bright, sunny day.  Clear, bright, sunny---all ideal conditions for spotting a shadow, which means 6 more weeks of winter.  Clear, bright, sunny = more winter?

I do, however, love the movie "Groundhog Day."  

Watching it with my husband and listening to him laugh through it is even better.  Bill Murray as a sour and self-centered weatherman...forced to relive Groundhog Day until he finally begins to examine his life and priorities...
so, so funny

If you've reserved this weekend for Super Bowl XLVII munchie prep, there's always the 14th! In the spirit of "Groundhog Day", while you're out keep your eyes open for a mom who has just loaded young kids into the car, and who is now looking for that inconvenient cart will make her weekend.

If you are looking to enjoy the movie, and/or celebrate this whimsical holiday here is our list of "Groundhog Day" inspired activities:

◊ If you plan to watch the movie, start it at 6:00 PM.
◊ Re-create and re-live a day from your past/your past with your partner.  
 Play off of the day's themes, and make shadow puppets.  Or, plan a winter or spring themed 
      activity based on the day's result.
Pretend the phone lines are down, and that you're snowed in. 
◊ Request a complimentary checkbook register/cover from your bank [or credit union].
      Write $339.88 in the Balance column.  Prop it open and leave it for your partner to find, 
       next to a pink rose.  Include the text below:

^pink rose
"I've got $339.88 that says you're mine for Groundhog Day."
◊  Purchase a card and make a list of truths about your sweetheart, like "you don't like 
       getting caught in the rain, but you love the smell of it."  Title it "I Know All About You..."
◊ Plan to build a snowman.  If you lack snow, be creative!  Collect what you'll need ahead of 
       time.  Follow your romp in the snow with a warm shower [together] and pajamas fresh 
       from the dryer.
◊ Fling playing cards into a hat.  With each card, name something your perfect last day alive 
      would feature. 
◊ Enjoy movie-themed foods:  flapjacks, diner food, popcorn, ...
◊ Prepare a favorite winter meal or a "last meal."  If I had to choose one meal to eat over and 
      over again, it would be Ree's Perfect Pot Roast.
◊ Prepare a "Blizzard" Bar where you can mix your favorite candy/cookies/fruit into ice 
      cream to enjoy during the movie.
◊ [Next year I'm determined to] Take inspiration from the movie and decorate your mantel, 
      a shelf, or a table top near the TV:

THE Panasonic RC 6025 flip alarm clock from the movie is actually difficult to find.

Consider a DIY project:
3 of these
[Hobby Lobby 2" wood cube-$0.99]
black wood craft paint
white vinyl lettering [paint, decals, ...]
fine-point black marker [for the line that divides the number tiles]

. . .

a small glass vase
a few pink roses
a paper or cloth doily
. .
This great print from Buckeye Studio's Etsy shop, $10

Are you planning something fun for Groundhog Day?

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