Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Remarkable You: An Ethiopian Adoption Garage Sale

Though most Painless Meals posts circle back to meals, our site grew from a desire to connect with and help other women, wives, mothers, meal planners, and shoppers.

[Of course, we love our male meal planners and shoppers too.] 

After attending SNAP! I realized just how remarkable you are. 

Life can feel HEAVY. I find myself there now and then more often than I'd like to admit. Then I meet you and I'm inspired, and so happy that our paths crossed.
Did you happen upon this flier this last weekend?

I love a good yard sale + I follow The House of Smiths + 
proceeds were go towards a good cause = Kryptonite   
You understand.
I saw you shopping the sale early <wink>.

These five are the among THE most kind and gracious of hosts. 
Josh and Jaime, Margie, Shelley and Cason
[left to right]

They organized and hosted a GREAT sale, while taking time to greet and visit with their shoppers. They were even willing to pose for a few photos.

What impressed me the most was their genuine love and support for each other.
Jamie and her husband Josh held a similar sale for their daughter, from
[Don't you just LOVE her braids?]

This summer, proceeds from their sale will be used to purchase needed items for an Ethiopian orphanage, from the locals in that area. Jamie and Josh are looking forward to adopting another child from the orphanage this year.

Jamie has always known she would adopt internationally. Her heart is full of love for her family and for the orphaned children of these countries.

Learn more by visiting Children Of All Nations
and consider becoming involved in your own way.

You can also follow their adoption adventure HERE.

Their son Cal contributed some of his art to the sale.
He is an impressive artist at 9 years old.
Margie Romney-Aslett has a special place in her heart for adoption. 
She's adopted.
Her sweet post about adoption, and Jamie is HERE.
[She posts a FUN photo of herself with her "Trues."]

She put together the cutest scrapbooking/paper crafting kits for the sale.
Find what she has left HERE at The Girls Loft Shop.

You guys, she also creates these adorable GIANT wooden rulers. 
[Where would you put YOURS?]
Margie is an impressive woman - she has taught scrapbooking/paper crafting all over the United States and the WORLD, and I didn't know that she designed her own paper line, "Margie's House." She loves to connect with people she's taught, through her blog. Pop in and leave a Comment.
Shelley Smith from The House of Smiths was wherever she needed to be for support. I believe it was Shelley who moved an otherwise hidden goodies table, front and center where it would be seen - which is where I bought one of THESE:
This is one of Josh's Famous Cinnamon Rolls, and in all of her awesomeness Shelley shares the recipe HERE. If you can believe it, this is where the men shine. Josh and Cason both enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

 You will want this recipe.
These cinnamon rolls are yummy!

Last weekend, I went to a garage sale. 
I found some fun things my boys have enjoyed.
But I found so much more. 

I found five really impressive people following their passion for a cause, and sharing their gifts in support of one another. I came home feeling fortunate and inspired, to do the same and to be better. And that, is remarkable.
Do you know someone you'd like to nominate for a future Remarkable You post?

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  1. Replies
    1. They really are. I think I provided links to their blogs so that you could get to know them better!

  2. Replies
    1. Inspiration can be hard to come by - I had to share the experience, I was so grateful to have met them. I hope you'll read their posts about the sale - they're great posts as well.

  3. What an inspiring post! Love to read about people making a difference and truly caring for others! Where is the sale? I need one of the ruler boards and I am now craving cinnamon rolls. LOL

    1. Now you can make your own! Shelley at The House of Smiths has posted the recipe. The sale has passed but Margie may still have kits available on her site [the link is in the post]. I'm glad you visited.

  4. What a fun the giant ruler.

    1. It was surprisingly fun! I must put your Avocado Bacon Egg Rolls on my list of things to try, IMMEDIATELY! [I'd have never thought to use egg roll wrappers this way!]