Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tip #2 For A Stress-Free Shopping Trip With Toddlers

You've fed your toddler(s) [/preschooler(s)]. Now, PACK A SNACK. A super snack can pack a 4-part power-play:  
1 | draw attention from snack on store shelf, 
2 | delay any hunger pains, 
3 | occupy hands and mouth, and 
4 | hold interest. 
Can they count the number of pretzels on a pretzel necklace [pretzels on a string]? How many are left after they eat one?
As parents we have learned that offering a snack as a reward [ie. for good behavior] and withholding a snack as a punishment [ie. for poor behavior] can impact a child's emotional connection with food. 

A better choice may be to choose a reliable time and place to offer a snack that is NOT related to behavior - for example, once you're inside the store, or once you reach the apples [and ideally before a meltdown].

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