Friday, August 16, 2013

The 5 Golden Rules for Planning a Great Party

Hello!  I'm glad you're here for a special Party! post lineup hosted by the ladies of The Party Pack Giveaway.

Fabulous Wendi of Party Pixie must have sensed I'm still without invitations for Boo's Birthday, because she's offering me and you a 15% shop discount with this sweet discount code:

Can I just tell you, I'm so glad I stumbled upon her adorable printables. I love her Hungry Caterpillar series. I love the book, and her adaptation is so fun!

I wanted to share with you my Golden Rules for planning a great party.
The 5 Golden Rules for
Planning a Great Party

Set a budget/spending limit 
A budget does not have to feel limiting, or bring on feelings of sadness and misfortune. A budget frees us from the consequences, distress, and guilt of overspending. A budget will bring all of the wonderful possibilities for your party into focus. You can throw a great party on a $0 budget.

For a unique party
Instead of buying decor from a party store, let it inspire you. If you do buy decor from a party store, you are still a fabulous mother! I have purchased the Princess-themed paper plates myself. I also love authentic decor for Halloween parties, and when off-the-shelf decor feels cheap, gory, and overdone I look to other sources for inspiration. Like artist sketches, magazines, movies [and cartoons], and even video games.
Name this movie set!
The answer is at the bottom of our post!

Spin a classic
Instead of a balloon bouquet...

thrift store, $2

Focus on fun for a memorable celebration.
Hubby and I love to include a surprise experience guests will remember, like:

Taste-bud changing tablets
Think Geek, $14.99
Fog-filled bubbles
Steve Spangler Science, $24.99

Gather your decor
An entire home is an enormous canvas, so find the decor surfaces in each room of your home. 
decor surface | a level surface you can decorate

A tables, a shelf, a mantle.
A few items gathered to one surface can make a big impact.
a table
a shelf
the top of a hutch
a loft window
I hope our Golden Rules help you in planning many memorable parties in your home!

As promised, the name of the movie set shown above is "Groundhog Day." This set inspired a "Groundhog Day"-themed date night, which we'll post soon!

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    1. Your Sesame Street party favors turned out so great!

  2. That balloon wreath is adorable!!

    1. Thanks Tia, I love it. I found a tutorial online a long time ago, and when I saw one sitting on the thrift store shelf I HAD to have it!

  3. I love that balloon wreath! I've been meaning to make one for over a year now... better get on it... my birthday is coming up! ;)

    1. I'll include more photos in an upcoming post - it would probably be time consuming, but not difficult.