Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Advent Calendars Make Their Appearance This Weekend

Saturday is December 1st
These little guys may look familiar.
Buy, craft, and unpack your advent calendar - multiple stores have reported that the last of their advent calendars sold before Thanksgiving.  With only 3 days left before the first day of the countdown slips into Christmas past, calendar numbers are dwindling and we have been told that additional shipments are unlikely. 

See the lowest and highest price for this calendar
at the end of our post...
We found this version of the cardboard advent calendar to be the version most supermarkets offer.  Artwork varies, and tends to be generic [or, "traditional"] but we like them because they're inexpensive and require zero preparation. 

Though you may not be a fan of the pre-loaded chocolate,
we have proven that, if left unsupervised,
a young child will still eat all 24 pieces in one sitting...
In an effort to help you snag your advent calendar easily and for the best price, here are the lowest and highest prices* for this advent calendar in the area.  

[*See the list of stores that are sold out of/are not carrying advent calendars.]

Coupon or store card required
New Low Price, with the use of a wellness+ card:  $1.00
On sale until 12/01
Regular price:  $1.99

Weekly Ad Update:

Disney Holiday Countdown Calendars are no longer available at the 
2378 E. 7000 S. location.  [This location may request a number of them from another location, but no additional incoming shipments are expected.]

No coupon or store card required
The Lowest Price:  $1.39
Priced at:  7000 S. 2396 E.

The Highest Price:  $3.99


In addition to our listed stores, local craft stores, "dollar"/discount stores, party stores, or toy stores may also be carrying advent calendars.

Where have you seen advent calendars this season?

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