Thursday, November 29, 2012

Merry Christmas Indeed

If you know this one secret to life, you can be well on your way TODAY 
to an enjoyable holiday season - 
and beyond this, to accomplishing anything...

The secret is - "the right moment" doesn't exist.  

Our brains tell us that once certain conditions are met, we will arrive at this ideal moment for doing whatever thing it is we've been planning to do -

when the baby goes down for a nap, 
my preschooler is occupied, 
and I have enough energy, 
then it will be the right moment to exercise. 

Have you noticed that the moment never feels as right as you expected?  We may even find ourselves redefining "the right moment."  My theory is, this is because

the right moment has nothing at all to do with the moment, 
and everything to do with US.

The right moment is the moment we decide to face whatever thing we have been avoiding. 

This holiday season can be all that you want it to be, with a little planning.  The right moment to plan, is now.  If the kids are restless call them into the room, give them their own crayon, and invite them to make their own list.  Stickers and toy ads may buy you a few extra minutes!

you will need:
They can't be all bad.  [After all, Santa keeps one!]
Putting a pen [or crayon] to paper can help us get our head around a big event or idea - A relaxing and wonderful holiday - by considering the smaller parts that make up the whole.  

Appointments, bills, events [anniversaries, baby blessings, birthdays...], parties, and SANITY NEEDS [girl time, gym time...] would be on this list.  Put specific dates to each item on your list by adding them to a calendar.

A great list to make with kids, list things you'd like to do this month both individually and together.  Don't hesitate or scratch anything out - the longer the list, the better.  It's OK that you may not get to everything.  In the end, you want a long list of great ideas you can choose from.  

We highly recommend you add these things to your list:
}  a hot bath and a cold drink [at the same time]
}  a short walk [for a breath of fresh air] and your favorite tunes
}  sit in front of your decorations with a warm drink and a magazine   
List other things you do to feel happy and relaxed.  It's unrealistic to prevent holiday stress altogether, with all of the hopes and expectations that surround the holidays.  But, you'll have a list to go to.

More, the things that would leave you feeling happy and pleased New Year's Eve with how the year ended, and less the specific items you'd like to find wrapped and under the tree.

Once you have your lists...
Look over each of them and circle anything that may require grocery items:

I have been known to stand ready at my mixer without a thought for whether or not I even have the ingredients...
UGH, those last-minute trips to the grocery store can kill a moment - and leave you feeling rushed and tense, especially after braving holiday traffic.  With these items circled you can make your shopping lists now, and well in advance of the great activities you have planned for this month!

Finally, use your lists.
Whether you post your lists, or roll your ideas into your holiday plan in some other way, you just took the broad idea of A relaxing and wonderful holiday and simplified it into doable tasks that, when combined, will in fact result in a relaxing and wonderful holiday.



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