Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cool Math For The Procrastinating Budgeter

Because a bit of basic math [no, math] felt like more fun than math with real numbers this morning... 

◊ $7.25/hour : Federal, and Utah, Minimum Hourly Wage Rate  
     [for non-exempt workers]   
◊ 8.25 minutes at minimum wage pays for one *99¢ item
$368 : monthly cost to feed a family of four, one *99¢ item each per meal
93 : meals per month per person
14 hours at minimum wage buys $100 in groceries
*before tax.  Numbers based on 3 meals per day, per person [no snacks].
a few more [less cool] numbers
A person earning minimum wage, working 40 hours per week, will earn roughly $1,160 per month BEFORE any taxes or deductions.  

For a $1,500 monthly income, Dave Ramsey's recommended Housing budget is $350 [25%].  For our number above, our Housing budget would be less than $290 per month.

less than $290 per month.  

How would you afford NOT TO split rent/a mortgage with your  parents, or roommates?  I'm grateful for the Dave Ramsey's of the world, and for the internet. We CAN improve our financial situation.  and we must confront the numbers.

SIMPLE ORGANIZED LIVING understands why we resist the budget:
10 Reasons People Don't Use Budgets
How often do we think "I need to make more money,"  when Income is often an area of the budget you have little control over.  Our time and energy is valuable. Instead, let's focus on the areas we have some amount of control over.  

I think we may be in need of a budget makeover...

Until then Lovelies, a certain blogger has a bit of math left to do.

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