Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Bowl With A "Punch"

visit the Punchbowl website now

We veered from tradition last year.  Instead of making invitations to our annual Halloween party, I happened upon a site called Punchbowl and went digital!  

Punchbowl is a party planning website that offers free digital invitations you can customize, and so much more.  

I'm impressed with just how much you can do on their site,  free. 

Today I learned that their list of holidays and events includes SUPER BOWL which means, there's plenty of time to make it official.  

..."weekend get-together?"  WHAT??  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  

...this is SUPER BOWL.  It's time to get your Punchbowl on!  

◊   create a *free account
◊   choose your favorite Super Bowl design [they offer both Free designs and *Plus designs]
◊   add your event details
◊   customize your envelope and postage
◊   preview and send!  [once you've created your free account]
*From the Punchbowl website:  "when you create a Punchbowl account, you agree to receive periodic newsletters and emails from Punchbowl according to our privacy policy.  These emails include an unsubscribe link."  

It's easy to add guests to your Super Bowl even with an email address [other options available]. As far as we can tell, there's no guest limit!  [We've added 30 guests without a problem.] Punchbowl keeps a record of your guests' response/RSVP, and they can even leave you a message on the Message Board.

I love paper.  I love getting mail [real mail].  I do not particularly love 
◊   brushing snow off of my car,
◊   scraping ice off of my windshield,
◊   browsing the invitation section with two energetic boys,
◊  driving to the post office on unplowed streets, or
◊  waiting in a long post office line with two energetic boys.

I've really enjoyed using Punchbowl and would use them again.  Given the weather this week [in UT] if you haven't tried them yet, Super Bowl would be a great first event! 

Let us know what you think!

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