Saturday, January 26, 2013

The True Value Of The Printed Grocery Store Ad

the mailbox watch wrap up
  can printed grocery ads make buying food any easier?

This has been THE driving question behind our two-week investigation into the realm of grocery store ads!  

Early on we discovered that the ad week depends on the supermarket - that different ads begin and end on different days.  We were introduced to THE ONLINE AD and began visiting each store's website daily, taking note of when each ad appeared.  Naturally, we wanted to know how the online ad week compared to THE MAILED AD week.  And so began our Mailbox Watch, with us noting when each ad arrived in the mail... 


Now, to help you determine to what extent you should bother with these printed ads, we offer the following for your consideration.

the value of the printed ad 
◊  It's tangible - you can mark it up, carry it with you, and paper clip your coupons to it. 
◊  Your personal marked copy is a quick reference for any price dispute at the register.
◊  You can keep a printed ad, and refer to it after the online version has been replaced.  Compare the price of a particular item from week to week and begin to detect the real deals.
◊  A side-by-side comparison takes far less time to set up than the technical side-by-side.
◊  Some printed ads arrive before the online version is available, providing a valuable preview you can use to plan early.
◊  During a hectic week it can be a reminder that we haven't thought much about grocery shopping recently.
◊  It's recyclable and reusable.  Use it to clean a window, pack a box, start a fire, make a piñata ...

[we doubt this list is complete without your suggestions]

Our response to our opening question is "yes" - printed grocery ads can make buying food easier, if you ignore the hype.  Unfortunately, we still have to sift out the REAL deals.  

If you remain unconvinced, unfortunately we aren't aware of a way to opt-out of receiving these ads in the mail...yet.

wishing you a happy Friday
WHO'S excited for Super Bowl XLVII in just over a week?!  
What are your plans?!

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