Friday, January 11, 2013

Grocery coupons: printed coupon booklets

Let us all be KIND, to ourselves...'s only the 11th!  
We're not even two weeks into the new year!

My nativity scene is still out, and a spare laundry basket loaded with Christmas decor is sitting on my kitchen table, right now.  Hubby has returned to work and school, and at present that's just how we're rollin'!  Late nights.  Early mornings. Long days.  

Even so, amid this storm and recent events in the news, I must say that above all I'm grateful for the health of my family; for my Hubby; and for my two babies. From our experience comes great ideas for the new year, and opportunities for...adventure.

And on that note, we'll take a baby-step toward the world of coupons and "couponing" with where to find those printed coupon booklets.  What I like about these is that I can get one with little to no effort on my part---one comes to me free in the mail, and the other can be had for the price of a newspaper.  They become quite valuable when you can use them on a discounted or sale item, or on double-coupon day.

In Salt Lake County [UT] I'm aware of two printed coupon booklets:  RedPlum and P&GbrandSAVER®.

}  RedPlum coupons arrive in the mail on Wednesdays [based on my experience].
}  P&GbrandSAVER® coupons are included in the Sunday edition of The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News newspapers.  See a list of P&G [Procter & Gamble] brands HERE.   

. . . . .
"I don't live in SALT LAKE COUNTY [UT].  Where can I find 
P&GbrandSAVER® coupons for my area?"
. . . . . . .

A note about
It seems to me that upon visiting either the RedPlum or the P&G website, you enter the realm of online coupons,where you're prompted to create an account and to sign in.  Be sure to Follow by Email at the bottom of our page for updates on the benefits and disadvantages of online coupons and printed coupons---I suspect the topic of online coupons may require a series of posts all its own!  

Also, each printed coupon booklet contains just a few of the many offers available on the website, but you also won't find the current version of your local booklet online. 

And with that, you'd probably like to start celebrating the weekend!

Happy FRIDAY everyone...  
...please drive safely! 

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If you would like to submit updated information, please leave a Comment below.  Thank you.

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