Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekly Grocery Ad Schedules

I routinely feel like I juggle grocery ads all week long, and I always seem to be missing ONE ad!  Of my confusion and frustration came our list of *all major grocery retailers in the area with LINKS to as many weekly ads as were available online!  Now, with our various ads in one place [to the right, under Weekly Ads for 84117 and Ads For Other Area Supermarkets], we turn to the AD SCHEDULE which may be contributing to our food-buying burnout.

Retailers keep different schedules.  
THE new ad "week" doesn't begin Monday morning.  Rather, new deals come available 4 out of 7 mornings throughout the week.  Meaning, until mid-week you could be juggling last week's AND this week's ads.  We routinely manage this ad "noise."  Is it really any wonder that many of us feel confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, and tired before we ever leave the house?? 

When are new deals available? 
When is the last day I can get the previous week's deals? 

Based on current ad dates Dan's Foods, Macey's, and Sprouts Market honor their previous week's ad and their new week's ad on the day their new ad begins.

We're watching our own mailbox this week to learn more about when you might be able to expect your printed ads to arrive each week.  Be sure to Follow by Email at the bottom of the page for updates.

Do you consider weekly grocery ads "junk mail?"

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