Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Meal Plan >>> 10 Things You Can Expect >>> Skip This

We will likely never be the planet's largest food website, where you can find thousands of recipes. But when we do find a recipe worth repeating, why not share it?

When it comes to the recipes we share, here are
10 Things You Can Expect From Us

◊ I have followed the recipe myself, and I would make it again. 
Hubby liked the food [when it comes to food he's the one to win over].
◊ I pass on a recipe when I don't recognize an ingredient. I will buy a new food I found at the store. [But, who has time to go on a scavenger hunt?]
◊ Most of our recipes are reasonably affordable. I hate leaving a store feeling ICK because I just spent my weekly grocery budget on one new recipe... 
Recipes with more than a few ingredients and steps must be worth the hassle.
When Hubby is home I can spend 1 hour+ cooking a meal with him - but when it's just me and the boys, I need meals I can put on the table in under 30 minutes.
◊ We have foods that we don't like, but we don't have any food allergies or specific dietary needs [beyond the norm].  
I frequent every major supermarket in the area, and I'll choose Price over Brand almost every time. 
◊ The hubs and I love ethnic food, but I think it's difficult to do well. We tend to eat out when we want ethnic food.
◊ Finally, we've invested in a few key kitchen tools but we don't have special appliances or expensive cookware. Any specific product I recommend is one we use, and one that has made life better. 

We hope you'll tell us what you think of the recipes we share.  

Buen Provecho - Bon Appétit - Enjoy

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