Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Anatomy of a Deal
[For use with our Best Advertised Prices lists]

APPLES ...general category
*T ...last week's deal, expires mid-week
$3.99 for 2 [5 LB bags]  ...price for quantity [size]
Fresh Market | Smiths Fuji ...store(s) and specific item 
[$0.80/LB] ...price per
[with coupon] ...notes

Put it all together, and:
*T  $3.99 for 2 [5 LB bags] - Fresh Market | Smiths Fuji [$0.80/LB][with coupon]

The best prices are highlighted in red.

If __ then last week's deal expires on __:
Each one will often be a different color to help you spot them easily.

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