Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Basket and Gift Ideas

...I can't remember anticipating this transition from Winter to Spring quite like I have this year - I have never been genuinely HAPPY to see a black and yellow anything buzzing near my front door before ^.

With Easter THIS Sunday/March 31st [2013], if you're among the estimated 80% of Americans who celebrate Easter, you may still be in search of an Easter basket [and Easter gifts to fill it].

Last year, BigInsight predicted that on average, we would spend $21 on Easter gifts. But, retail stores place ZERO limits on what we can give for Easter, and a full Easter basket will cost as much as you're willing to spend.

A few more fun Easter facts, and common traditions

BUT, we don't have to spend a lot to celebrate Easter with baskets and gifts.

fun fact:
It's said that baskets were used centuries ago to take seedlings to temples,
to increase the chance of a good harvest.

One Basket
A sweet neighbor of mine fills one Family Basket instead of individual ones. It takes fewer items to make ONE basket look full.

Think Outside the Basket
Who said all Easter basket must look like ^THIS one?

ANY object or container that can hold some amount of Easter grass has potential! 
Quite unexpectedly, an experienced baseball glove collecting dust on a closet shelf can become an Easter basket for a budding pitcher.

You may already have an Easter basket somewhere in your home.

A Theme may help you spot potential baskets throughout your home:
◊ An admirable personality trait
◊ A favorite color
◊ A favorite character
◊ An interest
◊ A Spring/Summer gift [...a sandbox...]
◊ A new Spring/Summer activity [...gardening, hiking...]
◊ Something you'll do as a family [...a concert, a trip/staycation...]

This year, I expect I'm a bit short on time for real Easter grass.

I love it about as much as Styrofoam packing peanuts, and tinsel icicle strands at Christmas. I find rogue strands throughout the entire house, for days.

Still leaves a mess, but at least there's zero static cling.

And finally,
Edible Grass?
The thought of my boys eating a WAD of pure sugar terrifies me.

Still, Easter grass plays an important role in filling an Easter basket.

Here are a few fillers that are a whole lot easier to clean up [because Mom and Dad need a weekend too]:
◊ These Boo Boo Bunnies [^] are made using a washcloth - how do you think a fun bandana, [fabric] dinner napkin, or t-shirt would work?
◊ Gift wrap tissue paper
◊ Tulle
◊ Water balloons, blown up with air

The Easter gifts you give will depend on:
◊ The significance of the holiday for you/your significant other. Is Easter a religious holiday for you? A celebration of Spring? A [cultural/family] tradition?
◊ Your budget
◊ How you/your family/others would like to remember the holiday
Theme [^we listed a few above to get you started]
◊ Time 
◊ Weather

Set A Dollar Limit and then Shop A Theme
A full Easter basket can cost as much as you're willing to spend, so set a dollar limit [per basket] and then shop a theme, considering that any of the following can be given as an Easter gift:
◊ Animals/pets
◊ Art/crafts and supplies
◊ Baby toys/blankets/supplies
◊ Bath toys/bubble bath
◊ Body wash/body sprays/cologne/perfume
◊ Books/coloring books/photo albums/scriptures
◊ Bouncing balls/bubbles/jump ropes/other outdoor games
◊ Candy
◊ Candles/candle warmers
◊ Clothes/church accessories [gloves, headbands, ties]
◊ [Homemade] Coupons
◊ Decor
◊ DVDs
◊ Fruit/food [see our best prices on fruit this week, HERE]
◊ Gardening accessories and tools
◊ Gift cards
◊ Jewelry/watches
◊ Music
◊ Sandbox toys
◊ Shoes
◊ Stuffed animals
◊ Swim suits/flip-flops/beach bags/towels/swim gear
◊ Tools
◊ Toys
◊ Trips/date nights
◊ Water bottles

When Easter Is Over
If you should find yourself staring at a beautiful Easter display, OR just feeling overwhelmed/under pressure to get the Easter shopping done set anchor. Remember your dollar limit [and your theme], and think about the day after Easter. "NEW" can wear off quickly, and each item we acquire has a space/storage and "hassle" cost we don't often consider.

Cut out long-term storage and use part of the gift as the basket. An annual, personalized Easter basket can be a lovely and memorable tradition. A simple and organized storage space can be really wonderful too.

Dollar Tree [Highland Dr.] has baskets and buckets in fun colors, and some great Disney books and flashcards for $1. If you won't use the containers after Easter, at $1 you can let them go as a donation/gift basket for a neighbor.

If you're spending more than $1, get a basket that you love and it will likely feel worth the extra cost.

and finally,
Once your basket is complete, there are various ways you can give your basket.
Leave the basket in their bedroom after they've gone to bed.
◊ Wind a string through the house/yard, and leave the basket at the end.
◊ Go on an Easter basket scavenger hunt ^ after breakfast/after church/after a trip to the grandparents' house.

Best wishes in your search for the perfect Easter gifts and basket.
I would love to hear YOUR IDEAS
Leave a Comment below!

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