Thursday, March 21, 2013

Toddler Nap/Quiet Time Cards

So true...
As a mom, my one super power is super hearing - I call my power "Mommy Ears." When my boys are awake, it's physically impossible to turn it off. It isn't until the boys are asleep, safe in their beds, that my super power finally powers down. Then I can begin to unwind. It's, exhausting.

When my youngest powered through his nap earlier without sleeping, I wondered if this missed nap would be the beginning of the end of all naps. 

We need quiet time and rest, 
and we need to learn how to relax and unwind.

If I were my 4-year-old son who doesn't want to rest, it WOULD be upsetting to have Mom ignore me and insist that I rest anyway. No wonder nap time incites debate, stomping, kicking, and wailing - oh the sadness...

Could nap time quiet time be pleasant and even productive if my 4-year-old felt he had some "choice" in the matter?


  NOTE: Not designed for, and may not line up, with any printable card kit.

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