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Our Rocky Mountain Power Quick Reference: Shrink Your Power Bill


If your most recent budgeting session was a harsh realization that you are spending more money than you're bringing in [your Expenses total is greater than your Income], you're not alone.

I know that to put away any money we have to a) earn more of it, and [or] b) spend less of it. Earning more is more difficult. It typically requires your physical presence, time, energy, and focus. Often you can keep more/spend less of your paycheck with a bit of creative problem-solving.

First, identify the expense or expenseS you have any amount of control over. For me, the big ones are "Utilities" [because I'm often home] and "Groceries" [food+personal hygiene and household items].

At the moment, I can't imagine cutting 100% of either utilities or groceries. [I wonder what the utility companies would SAY.] And, if we can't cut it, we have to shrink it.

image courtesy of Rocky Mountain Power
We're kicking off this series with THE POWER BILL. 

Power is a major utility, and frankly its usage feels a whole lot less complicated than "Groceries." We either use it or we don't, and a meter tracks what we use.

Power is provided to Utahns [UT], Wyomingites [WY], and Idahoans [ID] by Rocky Mountain Power. Rocky Mountain Power has a lot going on, and you can find their own very informative website HERE

Our immediate goal is to shrink our power bill - we need more information about our bill, and how to use less power. Below is our ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER QUICK REFERENCE - a list of the RMP pages we found most helpful. In an upcoming post, I'll share all of the specific tips I'll put into action for the next month - I'm eager to know just how much I can save.

Andrew Gersh
Who knew power lines could be pretty?


◊ Rocky Mountain Power [Home]
 High Bill Help
Includes A Look At Your Bill, Changes In Living Habits, High Bill FAQ, and High Bill Caper videos [quite cheesy, but informative].

Understanding Usage and Your Bill
 Visual: How Electricity Is Used
 Read Your Meter
 Reading Your Residential Bill
From the link above you may see a link for "Bill Proration for Seasonal Changes," BUT you should know that after the first sentence you may find yourself searching the page like a crossword puzzle for a phrase - any phrase you recognize as English. I can't even bring myself to provide a link.
 Understanding Your Bill [Energy Charges and Billing Terms]

How to use less power [and shrink your bill]  aka. Efficiency
 Quick Tips To Save Energy [throughout your home]
Such as, set your thermostat to 68°F to save energy and money [under "Heating"]. Find more information under each link in their list.
◊ Dave Ramsey's 5 Ways To Lower Your Heating Bill
 Guide: Bright Ideas 
Worth the read.
 Energy Usage Calculator 
Find out which appliances are your big energy users each month.
 Energy Efficiency Calculator
Their Actions list offers a few good ideas - I was less interested in their hypothetical calculator.
 Efficiency Programs and Incentives [brief descriptions]. Incentive amounts can be found HERE [under Forms].
Find more detailed information under each link in their list.
 Energy Efficient Resources for Kids

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