Monday, March 4, 2013

The Most Basic French Toast Recipe You'll Ever Find

With Swirls & Sprinkles
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Our recipe for FRENCH TOAST is likely 
THE most basic recipe out there:

Eggs + Milk + Bread + Toppings

Notes: Medium-High heat. If you don't have a non-stick pan, you'll need butter/oil to grease your pan before you put your [dipped] bread down. Once the egg/edges look a bit crisp, I flip them. Peeking is allowed to brown them just the way you like.

 Eggs: For me, the one constant in this recipe.  

 Milk: In the Fall, I like to use eggnog/flavored eggnog.

 Bread: I typically buy inexpensive white or wheat bread. Now and then, I'll get a loaf of Cinnamon Burst Bread [Great Harvest], and when SMITH'S has their ^cinnamon swirl bread available, I grab a couple of loaves and freeze one.  [It's a few dollars cheaper than the Cinnamon Burst Bread that we love so much.]  

 Toppings: Traditionally [at our house] butter and syrup. For Birthday French Toast we added a few colored sprinkles.

If you consider eggs, milk, and bread "basics" at your house, you use them often which makes French Toast an inexpensive meal [the cost of eggs and bread slices used].

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