Thursday, March 14, 2013

The No Grocery Store Challenge

While searching for peanut butter for the littles today, I realized that my cupboards are full. Of WHAT exactly, I've no idea. Peanut butter, and _____? Clearly, I'm slipping on "shopping" my own shelves first, which means I'm spending more than I have to spend on Groceries every week, and saving that much less.

I needed a printable [and I like to share]:
Inspired by this Design Seeds palette
Design Seeds
Now, I'm ready to throw open the pantry/refrigerator/freezer doors and start listing all of my meal collectibles.

I also thought this would be a good time to dust off a little post from the blog archives, called

There's ONE Rule: No spending* [on food]

The first time I tried this, I lasted 3 days. Three. [Sad.] This time around, I'm determined to stay in it until I can no longer prepare a reasonable meal.

There's room for creativity. Perhaps you can find a coupon that gets you an item for free. But, don't touch that cash/card

*Rebates, "points," coupons, etc. in exchange for cash doesn't zero out spending for this challenge.

Once you've accepted the challenge, have FUN with it!
◊ Create/find an image and use it as a blog button that tells your visitors you've accepted the challenge!
◊ Don't forget to share the link to your 1st challenge post in Comments below. I'd love to Follow your challenge posts!
◊ [Of course, don't forget to give proper credit to your image source.] 

Here's mine,
"Fulfilling all of your zombie needs"

This means Pinterest may have to wait until the end of the challenge. To reward myself for a job well done I intend to make these cupcakes [!]:

From Pizzazzerie
Recipe UPDATE: 
Because Cadbury Creme Eggs are super sweet, we left our cupcakes unfrosted. Hiding one in a cupcake didn't make Hubby like Cadbury Creme Eggs. For one who does like them, these cupcakes are a Bake-and-Eat treat. When the cupcakes are warm, the center is warm and gooey [like a Cadbury Creme Egg]. But, as the cupcakes cool that chocolate hardens, and a grainy center replaces the gooey creme center that we love.
. . . . .
Enjoy this beautiful weather! I'm off to the kitchen to find out just how many meals are hiding in my cupboards...

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