Sunday, April 7, 2013

Behind Every Good (and Edited) Photo...

...are dozens of photos, like these:

Behind this,
were these of Little Brother:
This is how our day began. I never figured out why he was so sad [he ate 3 slices of French Toast].

Behind these photos, of Little Brother taking [colorful] notes during General Conference,
was this.

But, I still really enjoyed today with my boys.

^Treat [Satur]day between sessions
^My 4-year-old's notes on a Conference talk, "Peace"
[frozen] Pizza for dinner, and ^ these [which made us think of Dad]
A visit with an aunt and grandma, and ^this
^Talking to Dad over Skype
^Playing Bomberman past bedtime with another fabulous aunt

Behind that
"picture-perfect" photo,
blog post,
great idea,
grand event,
impressive project
is context you may never see. 

Time, effort, frustration, mistakes, epic failures, imperfection, editing ... 

May the rest of your weekend be as unplanned as ours, and filled with imperfect photos. Because, my baby just ate a cheese square while half-asleep in my arms - just before he snuggled up to Elmo for the night.


We do not need "a plan" to enjoy, 
and benefit from General Conference - 
not a traditional breakfast or 
Conference games, packets, and snacks.
All we need is to gather and listen.

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