Friday, April 5, 2013

How To Build An Outfit Kit

Our Snack "Kit" [HERE] has been a valuable addition to our family vehicle. It is absolutely worth the cost and the space it occupies. Combined with "Treat Saturday," I buy far fewer treats and snacks. The level of sadness in the back seat is at an all-time low [at least when it comes to being hungry/thirsty].

This weekend the 183rd Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will draw THOUSANDS of people to the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City. Even in spite of a possible passing rain shower, City Creek Center is certain to draw a crowd with

◊ Nordstrom's Estée Lauder "Mad Men" Event, 
◊ Conference Signings/Ladies' Night at Deseret Book, and 
◊ Women and Children's Night at Macy's.

Because I'm a mom:
City Creek Center does not offer strollers that I'm aware of. 
For an inexpensive "umbrella" stroller in a hurry, you'll find a Target and a Walmart along 300 West and a Smith's Marketplace at 455 South 500 East, just West of Trader Joe's.

For your weekend, and for those braving the crowd, I thought I'd share

This week I took my boys to the Disney Store at City Creek Center. Afterward, they really wanted to play on the splash pad...

Plan for this:

You've likely sent a little one to day care or preschool with a similar bag [a change of clothes and extra undies/diapers and wipes].

Of course, you're free to play with the order and type of items, depending on which ones you need most often. For us, the baby wipes come out often, so I keep a short stack visible and in a smaller bag, within the large one. A clean shirt tends to be the next most popular item - pull the shirt off of this bundle and leave the pants, underpants/diaper, and socks. Throw in a swim suit, sunscreen, a poncho, or anything else you may need.

Each of my boys gets his own Ziploc bag with his name written on it.
◊ I can see what's inside,
◊ I don't have to haul a large diaper bag around because
◊ I can 'vacuum-pack' whatever is inside by forcing all of the air out before I zip the bag,
◊ Wet/dirty clothes can go back into the Ziploc until I can wash them, and
◊ I can fit two gallon-sized Ziploc bags in a preschooler's backpack [+2 Lunchables and a bottle of water].

I have used our kits often enough, in varying situations, that I DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM. 

If you pack a "kit" this weekend, we'd love to see it.
Leave us a link in Comments [below].

Wishing you a wonderful and rejuvenating weekend,

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