Tuesday, November 5, 2013

4 Easy Steps To A Billion Clicks

How To Enter Your Clicks at BillionClicks.org

BillionClicks.org has counted over 3 million clicks from Clickers nationwide. I have my clicker, and I've clicked my first clicks from The Happiest Place On Earth! How do I submit my clicks to BillionClicks.org?

Visit BillionClicks.org.
This logo will appear at the top of their web page.
To the right of the logo you'll see the current number of clicks. Click on the blue button just below that says, "Enter your clicks." 

This will take you to an Account Sign-In page. If you're submitting your first clicks, you're likely looking for the yellow box with the heading "Not registered yet?" Enter your Email, Name, and a Password. Confirm your password by typing it again, and click "Register." Expect to see an email asking you if you'd like to join Billion Clicks' email list.

As a registered clicker, your Account Home screen will look something like this:

This Account Home screen is also where you can Enter Clicks! Above are my first clicks, as an example. Enter your Clicks, your Name and location as you want them to appear to the public, and an optional Short Note about your clicks. Then, click "Enter Clicks!"
The screen won't change, and you may not see a confirmation message. But, when your information 'disappears' from your form, you'll know your clicks have been entered.
Congratulations on submitting your first clicks!

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