Thursday, January 2, 2014

Painless Meals will soon have a new home

Our Painless Meals posts are getting a NEW home in 2014! Now you can find all of our Painless Meals posts on our creative blog Reality To Dreams. Affordable, flavorful, 'painless' meals are still very important to me. When our blog turned a year old last Fall, I realized that there was a bigger picture to share and that painless meals was just one part of that picture.

We would love to take you with us!
If you enjoyed the posts you've seen here at Painless Meals, click over to Reality To Dreams and subscribe via email.

2013 was a wonderful year. 2014 will be an incredible year. I'm already dreaming up home improvement projects and fun daily projects for my young boys. I'm still determined to make buying food easier on hard-working moms, and of course I expect to learn a lot this year. I hope you'll join us - I'd love to hear your feedback at our new 'address!' Thank you for your support in 2013. You are the reason we're growing, and I hope you'll allow us to continue to connect with you!

Want to see our new blog??

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