Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10 Things I Hate About Coupons

ah, COUPONS. So, I can save money by offering a piece of paper to my cashier? Well that's fantastic! YES, YES IT IS FANTASTIC. Now that we've talked about where you can find those printed coupon booklets [HERE], here's an introduction to how I feel about, and use, coupons.

10 Things I HATE About Coupons
10. Having to really SEARCH for coupons for items I normally buy
  9. Coupons that require I purchase more than one. If I'm buying a thing for the first time [and there's a chance I may not like/use it], I just want one.  
  8. Fake coupons. Have you ever felt a bit set up when you've made it to the aisle with your "coupon," to find that all you had to do to get the deal was buy the item?  
  7. Coupons worth less than $1.00
  6. Coupons that require an account/a subscription, and a printer
  5. The extra work they create.  Finding, printing, clipping, organizing, and then remembering to use them [before they expire].
  4. Expiration dates
  3. Fine print  
"Wait a minute, what's all that small print there
at the bottom?"
I understand the need for a few words. Perhaps a short phrase [or two], but HALF of the coupon? Literally, half. Is that "fine print" or a small contract??
  2. Paying a price I'm not normally willing to pay, AFTER the discount. If we're on a [tight] budget we hope a coupon will stretch our dollar, or make an expensive item we've been eyeing [more] affordable. But, we likely don't know the end price of the item until we're standing in front of it - and after all we will have invested by that point, jaw clenched, we'll often pay the higher price.
  1.  Vague "Exclusions."  After all that we go through to get a coupon to the register, JUST LET US HAVE IT. How are we to know that our one item [exclusively purchased by women with babies] doesn't actually qualify as a "baby item"?? In my humble opinion, the number of items/brands excluded should NEVER exceed the number of items to which you can apply the coupon.
fan·tas·tic  so extreme as to challenge belief
Now that you know how I feel about them, you should also know that I STILL watch for coupons that will be worth the trouble. And, in that rare combination of circumstances when I find one and remember to use it before it expires, I will use them.   BUTCOUPONS SHOULD BE THE CHERRY ON TOP, and not the way we feel we have to shop to plan satisfying meals on our budget. 
I'm after the best prices - the real deals - without the hassle of  
stacked coupons, store cards, and points 
I may never redeem. 
the link is coming soon!

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